Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review — Do you need it?

Annie N
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Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review | Annie's Noms

Приветик, девчонки, сегодня у меня волнительный день — у меня есть совершенно великолепная палитра Glam Palette от Natasha Denona, которую я хочу рассмотреть с вами!

Наташа Денона уже выпустила несколько палитр такого размера и цены (£60), и я все время раздумывала над их приобретением. Меня всегда что-то останавливало: либо в палитре было слишком много цветов, которые я не смогла бы использовать, либо она была слишком оранжевой. Вышедшая недавно палетка Bronze Palette была самой близкой к покупке… пока не была анонсирована палетка Glam Palette.

Это была первая палитра, в покупке которой я была уверена на все 100%! В Великобритании она появится 18 сентября, однако 2 сентября я, как обычно, проверила новинки в магазине Selfridges, и она там была!

Можете не сомневаться, я заказала эту штуку быстрее, чем вы скажете Natasha Denona Glam Palette. И она прибыла в 8:51 утра на следующий день. ЛЮБОВЬ С ПЕРВОГО ВЗГЛЯДА!

Итак, давайте разберем эту палитру и посмотрим несколько свотчей, чтобы помочь вам решить, нужна ли вам эта палитра!

ОТКАЗ: ссылки на Look Fantastic являются партнерскими, все остальные — нет, палитра куплена мной.


The Natasha Denona Glam Palette is £60 for 19.25g of product. Each eyeshadow is 1.2g. (Note that the link above shows as out of stock currently. I’ll come and update this page with where to buy when it fully launches and is back in stock!)

UPDATE: You can join the waitlist for this palette HERE on Cult Beauty!

The price per gram is £3.11.

This is not a cheap palette, but you are actually getting a decent amount of product. A single eyeshadow pan is usually 1.5g, so it’s a bit under that, but honestly? I still will never be able to use this whole palette up with each pan being 1.2g.

£3.11 per gram isn’t too bad a price for Natasha Denona. I love that she’s doing these smaller, more “affordable” palettes. She used to only do big palettes which were over £200 in the UK! I would never consider spending that much on a palette. £60 is still expensive, but it’s more attainable for people.

You can buy this palette directly from Natasha Denona if you’re in the US. Click here.

Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review | Annie's Noms


This palette’s packaging is plastic with a magnetic closure. There’s a nice big mirror inside and the plastic feels nice and sturdy. As far as plastic goes, it doesn’t feel really cheap. I love the colour as well.

I think the packaging is pretty sleek, it’s not too bulky for a larger, 15 pan palette. Another bonus is that all the pans are removable, there’s a hole beneath each shadow for you to use a tool to push them out. I love palettes where you can take shadows out, because it means if I’m going away for a couple of nights, I can just grab 4 shadows and put them in a small empty palette.


Now, let’s take a closer look at these shades. If you are a cool toned eyeshadow palette person like me, then this is a palette of dreams! Just look at how stunning it is!

Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review | Annie's Noms

Swatches of the top row left to right:

Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review | Annie's Noms

Swatches of the middle row left to right:

Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review | Annie's Noms

Swatches of the bottom row left to right:

Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review | Annie's Noms


Let’s get the one negative out of the way before we get into my review properly and whether or not you need this palette.

With the other palettes of this size that Natasha Denona has released, the shadows have had names. With the Glam Palette, the shades are named “transition” “crease” “outer eyelid” “inner eyelid” “center eyelid” etc. There are 4 centre eyelid shades, so if you were doing a tutorial on Instagram or YouTube, or even now trying to describe the shades and show you swatches, it can be quite confusing trying to tell you what shade.

If it was named “beach” or whatever, I could say this is the shade beach. But I guess I have to write “center eyelid 3” ??? It just seems a little odd to me. But I understand that if you’re a beginner with makeup, it could be handy to look at the shadows and know where to place them on your eyes.

Anyway, that’s my one negative and it isn’t to do with quality or how the shadows perform, so let’s move onto the positives...

These shadows are gorgeous. The shimmers are almost wet and so foiled. They are probably the best shimmers I’ve used in terms of usability. They apply well with a dry brush, wet brush or a finger. Most shimmers I have, work best with a finger and don’t always pick up the best with a dry brush. However, these go on amazingly with a dry brush. They are smooth, not chunky and opaque in a few taps.

The mattes are very pigmented. They don’t swatch the best and take a little building, but on the eye they are a dream to blend. There were a few chunks as I swatched them, but I prefer my shadows to work well on my eyes, rather than just swatching well.

I love every shade in this palette and will use them all, which is the biggest thing for me when a palette is £60. These colours are so me, it really is the perfect everyday cool neutral palette. This palette makes me even more tempted to buy the Bronze palette because they compliment each other so well. However, I know I would use maybe 85% of the Bronze Palette, so I’m still undecided. Maybe if it’s ever on offer?


Now, are these colours groundbreaking? No. I know I have them in my collection already. However, quality wise and the fact all of these shades are in one palette, it’s 100% worth it for me. Do you NEED it? Probably not if you have a big eyeshadow collection. However, if you are starting out, or you just don’t have a big collection and you want a palette where you’ll have everything in one place, this would be the perfect palette.

These shadows are SO easy to work with, I got zero fall out, they were all easy to apply to the eye and every look I’ve done has looked fabulous all day. Zero creasing, zero fading. I used my Nars Eyeshadow Base as always and these shadows performed excellently.

These are definitely beginner friendly, I’m not very good at eyeshadow, but the looks I’ve created have looked the best I’ve done. I can’t say enough how great this palette performs. That’s why I would recommend it so highly, because of the quality and performance.

For me, this is a NEED! I am completely in love with it and can’t stop using it! Do you think you’ll pick it up when it releases in the UK – let me know!

Natasha Denona Glam Palette Review - Do you need it?